For this project I was tasked with creating a Zelda-like top-down game to consolidate everything we learned within our Introduction to Game Scripting course into a single project. The guidelines for this game were to ensure we implemented the basic game features needed to play effectively (Movement, Health, Ammo, etc.) while also including a melee weapon, ranged weapon, damage areas throughout the arena and enemies that attacked when you were in range. Additionally, if we accomplished everything tasked above, we were to add an additional action or feature to the game.
For the final implementation I decided to add the series favorite bomb to the game as well. After going headfirst into this feature with the knowledge I had, I became stuck by this concept after numerous attempts to implement it and ultimately failed to get it working with the desired effect. Although this was a roadblock at first, I dove deeper into Unity and C# to learn co-routines and state machines, with some guidance of areas to research from a mentor, in order to get an effective implementation with the desired effects. The result was a reliable bomb mechanic that also ensured that the player didn't feel cheated or otherwise confused about its inconsistency.
Overall, I consider the project a success not only for the required implementations but since I was able to learn more about Unity's C# scripting to implement what I was after. This also helped me to learn more about how to better analyze problems that arise and find the best solution, whether from a design or engineering perspective, to ensure a success and reliable implementation of a desired mechanic.
If you would like to play the game, you can follow the link below to play an embedded version of the game.
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