This was our second and final project for the Level Design class. In this project we were tasked with creating a level based off an established fable or story while still adhering to the guideline of only using the provided scripting package without creating any additional scripts or behaviors.
For this level, I decided to pursue a level based on the story "The Nameless City" by H.P. Lovecraft. While there is not a solid backbone in the story for how things looked within the city, there was enough to allow for some creativity in how I approached the layout and the circumstances of the players purpose there. As before, I started with a paper map of the level I wanted to create and the understanding that I wanted there to a be more of a focus on the player hiding and having good timing of actions. To accomplish this, I removed combat as an option early on for the level and instead focused on setting up a compelling layout with choices for the player to pursue while they try to escape. For this there are two critical points in which the player can take one of two routes through the cities upper and lower level. Each of these choices would provide a different experience for the player each time too with different layouts and objectives in order to get out.
After getting the layout setup on the paper map I moved to implementation. While there were changes made to the level, just like the A to B project, these were made to ensure the vision of the level stayed intact while adding some flare from feedback given during the initial play testing. One major change made to the project was to make the second part of the level also have a second upper level to provide a greater risk to the players movement. The primary reason for this addition was that the level felt too short for some of the players as there was a slight disconnect on the size of the overall map to its play time. The addition of this section allowed for the player a higher vantage point and in turn to feel like they got to see more of the map in the process. Additionally, several players had multiple instance in which they tried to run back or find another route when they started to go down longer corridors with nothing in them. The addition of boxes was made added to the side of long corridors and more open areas to provide 'hiding' places for the player to retreat to and encourage them to keep moving forward after taking a short breather.
Ultimately, I feel that this project was a success and taught me much about the design of an escape / horror style game. Additionally, the tools used throughout the project (Lighting, Particles, Audio and Textures) helped to enforce the theme and style of gameplay on the level without having any true assets in the game up to that point.
If you would like to player the level, you can follow the link below to download a Windows executable version of the game. ​​​​​​​
** Volume Warning! :: Please note that due to the nature of the package some bugs still remain in the project. **
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