Project Roles:
Level Designer
In this project I was tasked with creating a level based off an established fable or story. While there were no specific requirements for level layout, I was only permitted to use the scripting package provided with the strict restriction of no additional or custom scripts could be used.
For this project, I decided to pursue a level based on the story "The Nameless City" by H.P. Lovecraft. While there is not a solid backbone in the story for how things looked within the city, there was enough to allow for some creativity in how I approached the layout and the circumstances of the players purpose there. While there were various combat options available in the package provided, I decided to forego combat within the level and instead focused on setting up a compelling layout with choices for the player to pursue while they try to escape. To accompany the lack of combat, and to provide some small form or replay-ablility, I created two critical points in which the player choose a route through the cities upper and lower level. Regardless of the choice the player made, the goal was to provide a different experience for the player each time the wanted to go through the level.
Ultimately, I feel that this project was a success and taught me much about the design of an escape style scenario. Additionally, the tools used throughout the project (Lighting, Particles, Audio and Textures) helped to reinforce the theme and style of gameplay sought after throughout the experience.
If you would like to play the level, you can follow the link below to download a Windows executable version of the game. ​​​​​​​
Volume Warning!
Please note that due to the nature of the package some bugs still remain in the project.

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