For this project, each individual within our Level Design class was tasked with creating a level with the simple premise of going from point A to point B. While we had no specific requirements for level layout it was required to be a level that had a single path to a destination while only using the scripting package provided with the express condition that we were not allowed to create any custom scripts or behaviors to accompany the package.
The first things I worked through was getting my desired layout setup through a paper map. From the beginning I had the desire to create a large internal open area in the middle of the map in addition to playing with verticality to provide a denser environment. To accomplish each of these goals, I worked to have an inner cave that the player would enter from the outside while also having 2 floors with a static path lined by locked doors and lights to guide the player through the level.
After getting everything planned out, the next step was to implement of the level using the Unity Probuilder tool set. After getting a good portion of the level implemented, it became clear that some things would need to change a bit to better suit the scaling of the player and objects being placed in the level. One of the major changes needed for the map was the addition of a large ledge near the end of the path at the bottom and a 'crystal' room to provide some more platforming / challenge for the player.
The project was ultimately a success as the base layout and design was followed for the final product. However, in hindsight a more thorough understanding of the scripting package provided would have been a beneficial to a better implement level with engaging mechanics for the player. This ultimately could have been done with a quick side project to play with the mechanics of the package and ensure that the level took advantage of the breadth of the utilities provided.
If you would like to player the level, you can follow the link below to download a Windows executable version of the game. ​​​​​​​
** Please note that due to the nature of the package some bugs still remain in the project. One such bug is that the elevator might 'kill' you when you get to the bottom. **
** If this happens, you can hug the left or right wall with constant input the whole way down to 'break your fall' on the wall geo in the below room **
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