Project Roles:
Level Designer
For this project, I was tasked with creating a level with the simple premise of going from point A to point B. While there were no specific requirements for level design or layout, it was required to be a linear experience and I was only permitted to use the scripting package provided with the strict restriction of no additional or custom scripts could be used.
I set worth with only a few goals in mind for the project. First, I wanted a large open and internal area in the middle of the map. Second, I wanted to play with verticality to provide a denser environment. To accomplish each of these goals, I worked to have an inner cave that the player would enter from the outside while also having 2 floors with a static path lined by locked doors and lights to guide the player through the level.
The project was ultimately a success as both goals were met while the base layout and design was followed for the final product. While the verticality added some depth to the level, the option to add a 3rd floor would have been a welcome addition to give a more grandiose feeling when seeing the open chasm for the first time.
If you would like to player the level, you can follow the link below to download a Windows executable version of the game. ​​​​​​​
Please note that due to the package being in development some bugs still remain in the project.
One such bug is that the elevator might 'kill' you when you get to the bottom. If this happens, you can hug the left or right wall of the elevator shaft while descending, with constant input, to break your fall on the wall geometry in the room below.

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